Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Survivor memoirs: pain is subjective, reactions will vary, and don't call me "victim"!

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SORRY FOR THE LONG HIATUS. I have so many entries I want to do, but only so many hours in a day.

 Today I will review:

These are all Survivor Memoirs; true stories, in their own words, of women who have been held captive by men for long periods of time.

Here are my reviews: 

[Note, by the end, I kept calling the books "victim memoirs" rather than "survivor memoirs"; "survivor" is what I meant, but I'm just a bit awkward on camera and all kinds of inaccuracies pore out of my mouth. It takes longer than you would think to put this blog together, so I just didn't have the energy to do another take.]

This is a brief glimpse at what it takes to recover-- Jaycee Dugard today -- WAY into gratitude. Here's a link to her foundation The JAYC Foundation


Some more information about Sabine's case, I mistakenly said she was held captive for 7 months, but I think it was 2 months. Still, 2 months locked in a small cell and raped repeatedly under threat of death... the outrage cannot be overstated, but there was no pedophile ring. Just one guy.


Natascha Kampusch talks about her ordeal after 8 years in captivity.
 She now owns the house she was held captive in.

Colleen Stan today!

Here are the abductors:
Nancy and Phil Garrido

Marc Dutroux
Wolfgang Priklopil

Cameron Hooker

links to buy these books:
A Stolen Life
I Choose to Live
3096 Days
The Simple Gifts of Life

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