Monday, April 1, 2013

Girl on Girl Tragic Action

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Here's my review:

A couple notes/corrections:
I think I said Jack "Mitchum" when I meant to say Ketchum. Here's a link to his book on Amazon:
The Girl Next Door
I also say "Batress" instead of "Mattress" because I'm getting over a cold.

Here is a picture of Gertrude in 1985 when she was paroled:
She died a few years afterwards.

Her daughter Paula tried to turn her life around but has been unable to shake the stigma of her adolescent actions.

Paula Baniszewski

Here's the trailer for An American Crime, which tells a version of Sylvia Likens' ordeal. I did not agree with some of the directorial choices--I think Gertrude's sexual motivation was downplayed or ignored and her medication was played up-- but a lot of viewers found it moving. Since I wasn't there, my version would be as speculative as this one....but of course, I think I'm right.

 I suggest you read the book first and draw your own conclusion. 

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